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Images of pizza, salad and a sandwich.

Share the Gift of Sauce

Order a Sauce Pizza & Wine eGift and have it sent to email. Or, you can order a plastic gift card and have it shipped. Either way, Sauce has you covered!
You can redeem either card in-store at your nearest Sauce location or online at

Send an E-gift Card by Email or Text

Send an E-gift Card by Email or Text

Take the stress out of last-minute shopping.

Purchase a Traditional Gift Card

Send a Gift Card by Mail

Sending your Sauce Gift Card by mail is easy.

Check Your Sauce Gift Card Balance

Check the Balance on Your Gift Card

Checking your gift card balance is easy.

Buy in Bulk

Buy Sauce Gift Cards in Bulk

Large gift card order? Buying in bulk is the way to go.


Does my Sauce Gift Card expire?

Standard Sauce Gift Cards have no expiration date.

Are there any fees associated with purchasing an e-Gift Card?

There are no delivery or handling charges for purchasing an e-Gift Card; you only pay for the face value of the Gift Card.

How long does it take for an e-Gift Card to reach the recipient?

All Gift Card purchases are subject to credit card and security processing. This typically takes 20 minutes however it could take up to 24 hours.

Can I cancel my Sauce Gift Card order?

No, Gift Card orders are final and orders cannot be canceled. Please take shipping times into consideration when placing an order and allow sufficient time to receive Gift Cards.