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Battle for the Dough

Rolling pin in flour

National Pizza Month is here once again, and we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than with an ultimate pizza showdown!  A few of your favorite local celebrities have created their dream pie and it’s up to you to vote and tell us which one you think is best!

The contestant’s creation that receives the most votes will be our featured pizza of the month from 11/1-11/22. As if that weren’t tasty enough, we will be donating proceeds from each pizza sold to the charity of their choice. Help our contestants battle it out for the dough and vote for your pick below!

Phoenix and Tucson have 2 separate pools – feel free to vote in both!  Here’s a recap of our contestants and their pizzas.

Phoenix Contestants

Lady La, Radio DJ 104.7 KISS FM and Mix 96.9
Pizza Name: La Pizza
Ingredients: Red sauce, fresh mozzarella, pepperoni, roasted garlic, fried jalapeño and purple potato chips, topped with a swirl of ranch on hand stretched dough
Charity of choice: The Purple Society

Diana Brandt, @AZFoodie
Pizza Name: Pizza is Bae
Ingredients: Olive oil, mozzarella and fontina cheese blend, fresh garlic, ricotta, bacon, prosciutto and caramelized onions on hand stretched dough
Charity of choice: Unidos Por Puerto Rico

Sarah and Matthew Stubbs, @Geekswhoeat
Pizza Name: The Phoenix
Ingredients: Buffalo sauce, goat cheese, ricotta, spicy chicken sausage, red onions and cilantro on hand stretched dough
Charity of choice: Comicare

Competing on behalf of PHOENIX magazine, Leah LeMoine, Managing Editor
Pizza Name: Fall-ing Into Meatballs
Ingredients: Olive oil, mozzarella and fontina cheese blend, ricotta, fresh garlic, butternut squash, poblano peppers and meatballs, topped with pepitas and basil on hand stretched dough
Charity of choice: Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation

Javier Soto, 3TV Reporter
Pizza Name: Javn-Fun
Ingredients: Olive oil, pesto sauce, mozzarella and fontina cheese blend, fresh garlic and shredded chicken on hand stretched dough
Charity of choice: Children’s First Academy

Vote for your favorite Phoenix contestant here


Tucson Contestants

Jonathan Rothschild, Mayor of Tucson
Pizza Name: The Rothschild
Ingredients: Spicy mustard BBQ sauce, smoked mozzarella, chicken, hatch green chilies and cilantro on a thin crust
Charity of choice: Tucson Values Teachers

Competing on behalf of Tasting Tucson, Alfredo and Aaron Gonzales, Founders
Pizza Name: Vizietto
Ingredients: Tomato cream sauce, oregano, mozzarella and fontina cheese blend, smoked mozzarella, chopped fresh spinach, artichoke hearts, crimini mushrooms, chopped jalapeños, bacon and Parmesan cheese, topped with an olive oil drizzle on hand stretched dough
Charity of choice: Unicef

Lydia Camarillo, Tucson News Now
Pizza Name: Tour of Italia
Ingredients: Red sauce, smoked mozzarella, pepperoni, prosciutto and Italian sausage, topped with fresh basil on hand stretched dough
Charity of choice: Big Brothers Big Sisters

Cyndi and Chris in The Morning, MY 929
Pizza Name: My Big Fat Greek PIZZA
Ingredients: Olive oil, mozzarella and fontina cheese blend, fresh garlic, feta cheese, seasoned ground beef, marinated tomato, red onion, kalamata olives and oregano, topped with a tzatziki drizzle on hand stretched dough
Charity of choice: Global Giving for Hurricane Relief

Vote for your favorite Tucson contestant here


*The contestant with the most entries in each market will be the winner. Voting for Phoenix market ends 10/18/17. Voting for Tucson market ends 10/23/17.