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Say Cheers to Love at Sauce!

Pizza and wine is a sweet combo, and we know a thing or two about that. Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day and say Cheers to Love with Sauce!

We’re offering you (accompanied or alone) a pizza, a salad and 2 glasses of wine for only $22. With this deal, you’ll even have room to splurge on dessert—win, win!

Our 2 for $22 Cheers to Love offer will only be available on Wednesday, February 14th. So stop by to indulge with your sweetheart or friend before that that Netflix date.

We wish you a delicious Valentine’s Day!

Find your nearest Sauce location here.

*One salad ($9 or less), one pizza ($11 or less), and two glasses of wine ($7 or less) for $22. Can substitute the salad for any entrée ($9 or less) or the wine for any other drink ($7 or less).

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