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Valentine’s Weekend with Sauce!

All of your loves at one table - one salad, one pizza, and two glasses of wine for $20 - 2 for $20

Break the mold this year for Valentine’s Day.  Don’t be another Joe-schmo or Jill-schmill by getting a dozen long-stemmed roses, box of chocolates, and table-cloth dinner for two reservations.  We have you covered with one food that pleases virtually everyone—pizza!  Not only pizza, but we’ll also include a salad and two glasses of wine to complete your meal for two…all for only $20. This will surely bring all of your favorite things together at one table.

Our $20 meal for two will only be available Friday, February 12th thru Sunday, February 14th.  So stop by any time to celebrate your Valentine’s Weekend with your sweetie!


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*One salad ($10 or less), one pizza ($10 or less), and two glasses of wine ($5 or less) for $20. Can also substitute for any entrée ($10 or less) or any other drink ($5 or less).

** Sauce Thunderbird location will be closed on Friday, 2/12/2016 from 5pm-9pm for a private party